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DIY Kit - Fruits Pom Pom

DIY Kit - Fruits Pom Pom

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Difficulty level: Advanced (5/5)

Enjoy making pom poms and want to learn how to make more advanced pom poms?

Try our DIY Kit (Fruits), where we will provide you with the patterns to make 4 types of fruits: Watermelon, Kiwi, Strawberry and Avocado. Each kit comes with an instructional guide, yarn (4 full coloured balls + 2 portions of white and black), pom pom maker (4 sizes), and keyrings (4 pieces). You will require your own scissors and super glue for this experience.

Have fun pomming! :)

Note: If you already have your own pom pom makers, you can choose the option “kit without pom pom makers”.

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