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Customised Pomssel

Customised Pomssel

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Customise your own pomssel! 

  • Pomssel (1 pom + 1 tassel)
  • Stacked Pomssel (2 poms + 1 tassel)

Available pom pom colours (refer to image)

  • Row 1 - Baby Pink, Pink, Peach Pink, Dusty Pink
  • Row 2 - Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Maroon
  • Row 3 - Mustard, Orange, Cream, Light Grey
  • Row 4 - Mixed OrangeYellowPink, Mixed OrangePurple, Mixed PurplePinkBlue, Mixed GreenBrown

Available tassel colours (refer to image)

  • Row 1 - Bluish Grey, Mixed Pink, Baby Pink, Pink, Peach, Navy
  • Row 2 - Beige, Mixed Yellow, Mustard, Orange, Mixed Grey, Mixed Blue


How to purchase?

Please leave a remark on choice of pomssel colours upon check-out using the following format: <Type of Pomssel>,<Colour of Pom pom(s)>, <Colour of Tassel>.

E.g. Stacked Pomssel, Baby Pink, Pink, Mustard tassel


You may contact us for a mock-up.


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