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  • Characters Pom Pom

    Learn how to make Pooh, Piglet, Mickey & Minnie pom poms

  • Sushi Pom Pom

    Learn how to make salmon nigiri, tamago nigiri, futomaki & california maki pom poms

  • Macrame Rainbow

    Learn how to make beautiful wall decor to spruce up your living space

Durian Pom Pom

The king of fruits! Now you can carry your favourite fruit around without anyone complaining about the smell.

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Tamago Nigiri Pom Pom

The classic sushi loved by the young and the old. No, it isn't silly to order tamago sushi at a Jap restaurant.

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Hamburger Pom Pom

Everyone's comfort food. Too many calories? Just imagine it as a salad served between two buns, a patty and some cheese.

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Capybara Pom Pom

Well if it isn't the internet sensation. *cues music* ... capybara~

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Catbus Pom Pom

The magical bus which takes you wherever you want to go. Ghibli fans will approve of this pom pom!

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How to make a Rainbow Pom Pom?

Challenge yourself & make a Sushi Pom Pom!

Our Story

Pom Mom Co is a Singaporean-owned small business currently based in Malaysia.

We wish to share our love for fibre art - pom poms, tassels, macrame, and all handcrafted stuff alike. We hope that our products can bring you as much happiness as it has been for us to create them!